Altona Forest Guides

Click on the icons below to access downloadable guides to Altona Forest that let you explore and learn at your own pace and in any season.

Altona Forest Trail Brochure and Map

This two-sided colour brochure gives information about Altona Forest, the trail system, and provides an easy pocket-sized map of the forest trails.
File Name1674-Altona-trail_guide_2011-v8.pdf
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Altona Forest Trail Map

This one page document shows an image of the entire Altona Forest Trail System including all trail marker points. A must have when hiking the forest.
File NameAltonaForestTrailMap.pdf
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Altona Forest Hiking Trails Guide Section 1

This booklet provides some history of the area. In addition, it will take you through the trails while referencing interpretative posts which will be found along the way. This document written by Larry Noonan.
File NameAltonaForestHikingTrailsGuideSection1.pdf
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Altona Forest Hiking Trails Guide Section 2

This 123 page booklet provides vast details about the various flora and fauna found on the Altona Forest. This document written by Larry Noonan.
File NameAltonaForestHikingTrailsGuideSection2.pdf
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Altona Forest Hiking Trails Guide SHORT VERSION

This 10 page booklet is a condensed version of the Altona Forest trail guide. This document written by Larry Noonan.
File NameAltonaForestHikingTrailsGuideShortVersion.pdf
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Altona Forest Winter Booklet

This booklet can be of use to any winter time travelers to the forest with special attention paid to identifying various types of tracks made in the snow.
File NameWinterAltonaForest.pdf
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Altona Forest Poison Ivy Guide

This brief document provides some important information on Poison Ivy which can be found within the Altona Forest. This document written by Larry Noonan.
File NamePoisonIvy.doc
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Tree Bark Guide

This one page document provides some interesting notes on tree bark. This document written by Doug Lockery.
File NameTree Bark.doc
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Additional Downloadable Documents


The Natural and Human History of Altona Forest - Larry Noonan

Altona Forest Terrestrial Biological Inventory and Assessment

File NameAltonaForestJanuary2014.pdf
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Altona Forest Management Plan

This is the original Forest Management Plan created for Altona Forest
File NameManagement_Plan1_Intro.pdf
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File NameManagement_Plan2_Goals_Objectives.pdf
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File NameManagement_Plan3_PublicUse.pdf
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